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Produce a document addressing the following:

Aristotle and Campbell have each given us a framework to think about argumentation. Brainstorm ideas on how you would draw on Aristotle’s practical and Campbell’s theoretical approaches to write an argument. Even if you think their ideas are reductive or restrictive, reflect on those strategies that are still meaningful for writing arguments.

Based on your brainstorming ideas, map out a new writing process to help classmates invent, arrange, and draft an argumentative essay. You can write a traditional text-based essay, or you may combine written text with visual and (if you are feeling creative) audio elements. I will leave it up to your discretion.

Assignment Tip: I am looking for an insightful, reflective response to classical and enlightenment rhetoric. Please do not merely summarize the two theories or make superficial connections between them. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how Aristotle and Campbell can work in tandem to inform modern ways of writing arguments.