write an essay about personal stigma

write an essay about a personal stigma which is extreme nails biting using the following structure :

1.) What is your stigma and how do you know that is considered to be stigma? What social responses have your received from others that they may be aware of your stigmatizing feature?

2.) Explain the relevance of labeling theory to your understanding and management of this stigma. Does labeling apply? If so, in what ways and If not, why not?


3.) How do you manage or try to “cover” your stigma? Have you changed your feelings about yourself, or about society in any way due to this stigma? If so, in what ways?

4.) Pick any theory: structural functionalist, conflict theory, symbolic interaction, or feminist theory and explain how a theorist from one of these perspectives may view and attempt to explain your stigma and the result of its consequences.