write a journal

Do either of the following: 1. Some of the poems we have read this week deal with the more contemporary reactions of the African experience, from slavery to colonialism. Choose a poem from this week and describe how this poem speaks to these struggles and those touched by it. (at least 2 paragraphs) 2. Compare/contrast the portrayal of the black experience in one of this week’s poems with the construction of black lives in Heart of Darkness. Consider Conrad’s views and/or those of his characters in relation to the depiction of black experience by African American authors. Of course, these will be widely different given historical, geographical and cultural distance, but what kind of meaningful insights can be gained from such comparison? Use direct quotes from the works to support your notions. It has to be MLA format and correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure is expected.

The poems should be- Claude McKay: “Outcast




and last one is the attached file