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Part One: Background of Your Action Research: Write a 2 -3 page background paper on the problem you intend to research. Your paper must use the Paper Template and include references, formatted in APA style.

To conduct your action research, you must know what has been written about your topic, and must have enough background about that topic and related topics. The background of your action research is also important to help your readers understand why your research is important. According to Lunenburg & Irby (2008), the background of your study asks the question of “why” you plan to undertake your research study. See pages 1-7 of Tsai (2006) dissertation for an example of “background of study”. See how she leads to the logically to the statement of the problem section in her dissertation.

In 2-3 pages complete with peer reviewed citations:

  1. Identify and describe your research topic (This is a brief description of the proposed area of study and includes at least two to three sentences).
  2. Indicate what the research problem is (This is an area of conflict, concern, issue or controversy that an investigator presents and justifies in a research study, a gap between what is wanted and what is observed). The research problem must include the most relevant and recent research that supports the claim.
  3. Provide a theoretical basis for the study— this is the context within which your study will be conducted. You will name and include:
  4. The main theorists who support your study.
  5. Background information to clarify the context (evidence to support your argument or examples of research or data that explain your area of study or research topic.
  6. This evidence must come from peer reviewed literature and published showing the problem exists).
  7. A statement justifying why this study is important and timely.
  8. Build an argument that logically leads to the statement of the problem. After reading the background of the study, the reader should be able to easily determine what your action research aims to accomplish.
  9. Build a case for the “statement of the problem” which follows in Week 4.