The Relationship of Art and Society

Answer the following questions. Cite your sources per APA, and include a reference page for all sources at the end of the assignment. This is not a paper per se. List each question and answer it rather than preparing an intro, body, and conclusion.

  1. Beginning with the Gilded Age and continuing through the 20th century, examine and describe at least three specific examples of art (include the images) from different time periods you have encountered or examined in this course to illustrate how art has been a reflection of society.
  2. How has art challenged and shaped American society in bringing to light social injustice or reform? Provide examples and accompanying images to support your statement(s).
  3. Your opinion on the role of art today; How does it continue to remain relevant to our lives? How could it change or develop to become more relevant to our lives? Provide any relevant support (references) that may support your opinion.
  4. Latin American Artists
  5. Thelma Golden—How Art Gives Shape to Cultural Change
  6. Vietnam Memorial