The Nature-Nurture Debate, psychology homework help

Provide an introduction where you introduce yourself and discuss your experience working with children. This experience can be personal or professional, including things such as being a child care provider, teacher, interventionist, babysitter, working with children at a Sunday School, coaching, being a parent, or even being an older sibling. When you introduce yourself, include your name, where you live, and any additional information you wish to share about yourself. In addition, view the course description and course learning outcomes listed on the Syllabus. Reflecting on these, share what you hope to learn from this course to prepare you for professional practice in a current or desired work setting. Finally, after viewing the video below, describe at least one example of how nature and/or nurture have influenced your cognitive development. If you are unable to access the video, please make sure you have read about nature vs. nurture in section 1.1 of the course text.

You may share your introduction as a written narrative; however, you are encouraged to practice your technological skills by integrating multimedia into your introduction. For example, you might create a PowerPoint presentation and narrate it with Jing, or you might produce a brief webcam video using YouTube.

**** Things to know: I work at a family day care/preschool with 9 month old children to about 4 year olds. I want to become a preschool or elementary school teacher. And also nature vs nurture debate. Answer that.