The ethics of prayer in counseling, assignment help

  • Weld, C., & Eriksen, K. (2007). The ethics of prayer in counseling. Counseling and Values, 51(2), 125–138.
  • Lambie, G. W., Davis, K. M., & Miller, G. (2008). Spirituality: Implications for professional school counselors’ ethical practice. Counseling and Values, 52(3), 211–223.

What stands out to you as you read the articles? What are your views

on introducing religious/spiritual beliefs or practices to the

counseling relationship? Why?

Reply: Go to the website for the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC)

and read the publication, “Competencies for Addressing Spiritual and

Religious Issues in Counseling.” What stands out to you? How might you

bring your religious beliefs and values to the counseling relationship

without imposing them?