The American Judiciary LAW206

Part I – Case law: Pick three of the following cases and brief them. Make sure that you answer all parts of the question – Facts – Issue – Holding – Rationale. Be clear about which parts of the Constitution and/ or Bill of Rights were interpreted and the major principle(s) the USSC set forth in each case chosen. Be Legible!

1. Connick v. Thompson (2011)

2. Gideon v. Wainwright (1963)

3. Brady v. Maryland (1963)

Part II – Essays: You MUST do both of the following essays. Please be complete and detailed.

1st Essay:

(1) What are the three main systems for supplying indigent defendants with government – provided counsel in those cases where that is done?

(2) Do studies show that one of these systems is generally better overall? What is your opinion as the relative merits and pros/cons of these systems?

(3) Give examples of how each of these assignment systems operates in New York City.

2nd Essay:

(1) What are three major methods of judicial selection?

(2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods?

(3) In your opinion, which of these methods provides either “better” judges or a “better” group of judges on any particular court?

*The answers to this questions are on the attachment below it’s a Review Sheet with almost all the answers for the Brief cases it explains on the top of the review sheet how to do it.*