TED Talk Analysis Assignment

TED Talk Analysis Assignment


To demonstrate that you understand the vocabulary of rhetoric;

To demonstrate that you understand other concepts of rhetoric: rhetorical appeals, rhetorical devices, rhetorical modes, organizational patterns, and efficacy;

To demonstrate that you can analyze text.


You will analyze an informative TED Talk, which you will choose from the TED website or YouTube.com. Make sure, by the way, that the presentation is informative and includes a transcript.

Your drafts will include the following:

I. Introduction:

  1. Attention-getter
  2. Be sure to include a thesis statement: a statement of your main point of the piece.
  3. Preview your main points (what are you going to talk about in this paper).

II. Body

  1. Analysis of the Rhetorical Situation

1. Speaker
2. Audience

3. Topic

4. Purpose

5. Context

  1. Aristotelian Analysis

1. ethos: The speaker appeals to ethos by . . . (give specific examples from presentation)

2. pathos: The speaker appeals to pathos by . . . (give specific examples from presentation)

3. logos: The speaker appeals to logos by . . . (give specific examples from presentation)

  1. Identify rhetorical elements
  1. Identify the organizational pattern(s) used. Identify the dominant organization pattern and explain your reasoning.
  2. Evaluate the speech for efficacy. Does it do its job? Are you informed/influenced? Why or why not?

III. Conclusion

  1. Summarize your main points
  2. Memorable closing

This paper should be in essay format. A Works Cited or bibliography is required. This paper must be typed using Times New Roman, size 12 font, and double-spaced.


____ Sound argument, use of research

____ Conventions (grammar, mechanics, etc.)

____ Works Cited page (MLA)
____ Correct font, font size, spacing

____ Adhere to assignment instructions

write one page paper, you must meet all the requirements. Thanks.