Strengths Based

Strengths Based Treatment Plan and Integrated Summary Paper

Choose a character from a movie or tv show, Write a summary on what brought this individual to your for counseling. From there construct a treatment plan, including strengths based language- The goal of treatment, objective(s), and interventions the client, his family and the helpers will use. Include your hypothesis of prognosis, current stage of change band your mode of therapy you will use.

You will be graded 10 Points on the Treatment Plan including:

Grammar, use of quotations for “goals”, “strengths”, “weaknesses.” “Supports.”

Content of the assignment includes understanding of the goal, objectives, interventions.

You will be graded 5 points on the integrated summary which must include:

Demographics of the individual, presenting problem and current symptoms, strengths of the individual, past history of substance use, self injurious behaviors, successful or failed levels of care/history of treatment, some family history if available. The individual’s current stage of change. Summary of the person’s goals/current coping skills, and a clinical hypothesis. Hypothesis =how would you rate prognosis for this person?

Remember the integrated summary is only a paragraph to 3 quarters of a page. It gives a snap shot of a person and the current situation.