South Africa declared an apartheid system, history homework help

As the wind of change blew all over Africa and European colonialism entered into the last stage of its existence, South Africa moved in the opposite direction. After the electoral victory in 1948, the Afrikaner (white) nationalist party consolidated its segregationist policies and declared apartheid system as the official policy of the South African government. In 1960, when many African nations gained their independence (making 1960 as ‘independence year’ in Africa), South Africa was expelled from membership in the Commonwealth nations. Subsequently, it was also expelled from many international organizations. But the nationalist party continued to rule South Africa with its apartheid policies until 1994.

Why did South African behave this way? What are the historical, economic and political circumstances that contributed to the official declaration apartheid as official state ideology? How was the system eventually removed? What role did the international community play in the down fall of the apartheid system?

Also comment on Nelson Mandela’s statement at his Rivonia trial.