Soc 315 Courtship Dis 1

You must address both parts of this prompt:

Part A

Happiness is an important and elusive topic; what will bring happiness to one person may bring misery to another. We all seem to seek happiness in our relationships with others.

Discuss how we seek different components of happiness from different areas of our life. How do you know when you are happy? What did you learn about yourself from the Oxford Happiness Survey?

Then consider the types of happiness found in our intimate relationships and the qualities of the relationship that enhance and/or strengthen happiness.

Part B

The American family has changed a great deal in the last century. Discuss what some of these changes mean. For example, two-income families mean greater resources but less parent/child interactions. Both parents working means that young children are in the care of another person, which causes an increase in daycare centers and other alternative forms of childcare. The increase in single-parent families (most often headed by single mothers) creates a group of people with the lowest incomes. Include what it means to be a single parent in today’s society.