Revise Analytical Essay about Poetry, assignment help

Review the attached essay along with the feedback that you received from your instructor and peers (attached).

The next step is to revisit the poem Theodore Roethke: MY PAPA’S WALTZ (attached) and gather any passages from it that will add to your essay.

Open a new Word document and copy and paste only the introduction of the attached essay onto it. Review any feedback that you got about the introduction. Decide whether to revise the introduction based on that feedback from your instructor and/or new ideas you have had since you first wrote it. Then consider if the introduction will be strengthened by adding material from the textbook or from the poem, such as quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary. Remember that quoted material should never exceed 25% of the document. Make any changes that you wish.

After that, or if you do not wish to revise the introduction, copy and paste the next paragraph of the attached essay and review it the same way you did the introduction. Do this with all paragraphs in the paper through the conclusion. As you work through this process, substantiate and reinforce (when necessary and appropriate) your argument at key junctures by including quotations and summaries.

Now that you have copied, pasted, and revised all the essay’s paragraphs, use the spell-check tool in Microsoft Word to identify any misspellings. Make sure you have applied APA rules of style to source citations as well as the overall formatting of your essay. Did you include a title page and a References page?

Read through the paper again to fine tune the flow and look for typos and glitches that spell check might have missed.