Review research that examines a possible source of aggression, psychology homework help

To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapters 10 and 11 of your textbook. Describe a scenario that illustrates either aggression or prosocial behavior (from your own observations, something in the media, etc.) and complete:

  • Aggression: Review research that examines a possible source of aggression (e.g., the media, weapons, alcohol, environmental factors, etc.). Give specific examples. Explain why this particular variable is/is not harmful. How does this theory/research apply to the scenario you described?
    • You must utilize at least one relevant scholarly source in addition to your textbook. • Start by “describing a situation” (scenario) telling who was involved, what happened and where it happened. (you can chose the office employee who destroyed the PC at work, but you chose something else as well.)
  • Describe the implications (the “so what”) of this situation.
  • End up by discussing (with depth) some aspects of a theory taken from your reading that applies to your scenario of either an example of aggression or prosocial behavior.

Please use vocabulary from the textbook. 250 words.