Respond to 3 English questions, 500 words total

  • Write a 500 word response where you address each of the following questions below (your entire answer for all three questions needs to be only 500 words–not 500 words per question). Be sure to use textual evidence from the readings to support your statements. In other words, use quotes from the readings to support your answers. I need to see evidence that you have read the material.

1. According to Swales’s “The Concept of Discourse Community,” there are six main characteristics that help define a discourse community. I’d like you to discuss how an educational institution (elementary school, middle school, high school, university) may or may not be considered a discourse community. Please be sure to use Swales’s six defining characteristics in your analysis.

2. After reading Branick’s article and considering Swales’s six characteristics, discuss whether or not you believe football coaches are a discourse community.

3. Branick claims, “There have been many articles written on the X’s and O’s…of the game…however scholars have yet to study a coach’s ability to read his players and the game as a form of literacy” (para. 12). Does Branick convince you that these abilities are, in fact, a form of literacy? Explain why or why not.

** In order to write the respond, please read the attached documents:

(for question 1: the Concept of Discourse Community, for questions 2,3: Coaches Can Read, Too)