research peper about Violence against children in yamen or chose any contery

ites about 6 page only i send you word pdf .

Students MUST provide a minimum of five sources consisting of at least one scholarly article, one book or e-book, and one primary source on their Works Cited page. Wikipedia is not allowed as a source. Please page the Works Cited page continuously with the research paper. The paper’s format, citations, and Works Cited page should only be in MLA format. When writing the research paper, write in the 3rd person; do not use “I” or “You.” No two people can choose the same topic. There are no late papers except in cases of extreme emergency. All assignments (research topic paragraph with thesis statement, working bibliography, & first draft) MUST be turned in to the instructor in order to receive a grade for the final research paper. Students should make sure their topic choice will interest & enlighten their audience. Please print your 1st and final drafts double-sided.