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This assignment is designed to allow you to explore a reading from the course in more depth or research or learn about a new piece (you need to seek my approval) of literature from the modern or postmodern period. We will be reading a variety of pieces from a variety of authors. Throughout the term, we will be asking essentially the same question: “How does his modern piece of literature help us understand identity?” You should choose one piece of literature from this term or chose a new piece and explore that question with the help of at least three secondary sources. The paper should be a full 3-4 double spaced pages (no less than 1000 words) with proper in-text citations and a Works Cited page formatted according to current MLA guidelines. Be sure to carefully credit your sources, although you want to quote sparingly and paraphrase when possible.

Here are some pieces that we read for the term as examples or you can choose your piece of literature:………

-W.B. Yeats “Easter 1916

Yosano Akiko: I Beg You Brother: Do Not Die!

Rupert Brooke: “The Soldier

Wilfred Owen: “Dulce et Decorum Est