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I have to write a research paper on Andrea Yates this is a Criminology and the Sociological Perspective Class .

Each student will complete a research paper on a topic related to the course material. Research suggestions may be found under the Assignment section button on Blackboard. This paper is to be typed, double spaced and 7 pages in length of text excluding the title and reference pages. References and citations will be in APA format Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for the research paper along with possibly a zero for the course and expulsion from the university. Proper grammar and spelling is required. If you are not familiar with APA, then I suggest you purchase the APA manual 6th edition. Each student must utilize three different sources of information for use in their paper (you must use your textbook for theory application, the internet as a source and an academic journal as your third source).


  • This paper is to have an introduction, body, theory and conclusion.
  • References and citations are to be in APA format. You must use three different sources (textbook, internet, academic journal). That doesn’t mean three different internet or book sources either.
  • Paper is to be five to ten pages in length of text material, double spaced.
  • Proper grammar and spelling are required.
  • Paper must contain a reference list of sources used in APA format.
  • Include the following in your paper:

a.title page (separate page not counted as part of the 7 page text requirement)

b.introduction (1-2 paragraphs – not a separate page – included in page text requirement)

c.body of the paper

d.conclusion or summary (1-2 paragraphs – not a separate page – included in 7 page text requirement)

e.reference page (separate page not counted as part of the 7 page text requirement) Students must properly cite any quoted material. No term paper, business plan, term project, case analysis, or assignment may have no more than 20% of its content quoted from another source. Students who need assistance in learning to paraphrase should ask the instructor for guidance and consult the links at the Troy Writing Center Must use the book also. Just let me know what you want out of the book an I will upload it. . The book is Criminology A Sociological Understanding by Steven E. Barkan

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