Research Design

Please be sure to reference the book Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W., & Myers, L. L. (2012). Research methods for social workers (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon.

According to Yegidis (2012, p. 120), a research design is “a plan to attempt To answer this question you will have to choice one of the following research questions. I will list all six. Choose only one This is not a paper!!!!!Describe which groups are compared in the research. Then, classify the research design as follows:

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1. By explaining whether the study is pre-experimental (cross-sectional, one-shot case study, and longitudinal), experimental (control group with pretest and posttest, posttest only, or four-group design), or quasi-experimental (comparing one group to itself at different times or comparing two different groups).

  • By indicating what the researchers report about limitations of the study.
  • By explaining concerns you have regarding internal validity and the ability of the study to draw conclusions about causality.
  • By explaining any concerns you have about the generalizability of the study (external validity) and what aspect of the research design might limit generalizability.