1. Identify & Development: Paper 1: What is the length of the relationship? How did it come to develop? What type of relationship—family, romantic, friend, work? What is the level of enjoyment of the relationship? Any additional facts about the relationship? Paper 2: Briefly describe the relationship. Make any changes needed to the paper via Professor comments. (Approximately 1-2 paragraphs, 10 points)


2. Areas of improvement: What are some areas of the relationship in which you desire to strengthen or improve? In what ways do you find this relationship to have effective or ineffective communication? Paper 2: Briefly discuss the initial issues in which you had noticed and/or decided you wanted to address. Explore the idea if these issues are still the same in present day.

(Approximately 1-2 paragraphs, 10 points)


3. Application to Communication: So far in studying the first two chapters of “Interpersonal Communication” by Kory Floyd (About Communication and Communication and the Self), have there been any concepts which stand out as pertaining to this specific relationship? Ex. How does your self-concept fit into this relationship?, Do you feel you and/or this individual are competent communicators with one another? Part 2: Pick 2 major concepts that we have learned in the term and apply them to your relationship. Are you utilizing the skills effectively? If not, what areas continue to need to be worked upon? Ex. My partner and I engage in the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse according to Gottman. We most often use criticism in our arguments….

(2 concepts @ Approximately 2-3 paragraphs EACH, 20 points each, Total 40 points)