Reading Response, history homework help


I have a history essay that requires to read all document, as well as the Power Point(s) in the folder and then responds to those questions into the essay:

1. What role(s) do the authors of the documents believe the federal government should play in interacting with indigenous peoples?

2. How did these different roles expand liberties or freedom?

3. How did they restrict liberties or freedom?

4. What methods did the Cherokee use to fight their forced removal? Why didn’t they work?

NOTE: Do NOT use outside Internet sources to try to understand these documents. Please engage all sources I proved into the essay.

  • You need to rely less on summary and demonstrate more of your own analysis.You don’t have to use the “one paragraph per source” structure. You might try to look for common themes and connections (or contradictions) between the readings. Synthesize this evidence to support your argument.

Citation: Cite by the article’s name+pp. For example:

When citing the textbook, list the title in italics and page number(s): Ex) (Give Me Liberty, pp. 468-469)

When citing a primary source in “Voice of freedom”, list the first two or three words of the title and page number(s), if available: Ex) (“American Soldiers in the Philippines,” p. 5)
Ex) (Hawaii’s Last Queen)

When citing a Power Point, list “Power Point” and topic: Ex) (Power Point, Reconstruction and Jim Crow)

Length: 600-800words (2 pages double space)

I don’t need to use too many academic words.