Read a case then write a paragraph and look some videos then write a paragraph ,philosophy homework help

First, Read Case 4.3 (One Nation Under Wal-Mart)at the end of Chapter 4,i think this article can find online. The Nature of Capitalism i think this article can find online

and respond to this question: Can a retailer ever become too large and too powerful? (Book : Business Ethics 8th by William H. Shaw.

Write 1 or 2 paragraph for this question.

Second, For economic distribution, what is the best method? Are the criticisms of Capitalism valid? Is there a better method? Is Spain, Portugal, and France the better model? What is sustainable? Which increases happiness?

watch video below and answering for 1 or 2 paragraph

Critique of Capitalism: Equitable Distribution :

Defense of Capitalism: Income Mobility :

Defense of Capitalism: Who Exploits? :

Defense of Capitalism: Sweatshops :

Defense of Capitalism: Milton Friedman :

Health and Wealth from Capitalism or Socialism? Hans Rosling :