Reaction to Vandalism and Social Inequality, sociology homework help

Watch these YouTube Videos:

  1. What Would You Do? Racism in America Part 1
  2. What Would You Do? Vandals Racism in America Part 2

After watching these videos, click on the Discussion Board link on the left-side menu. Access the Discussion Forum: 3.3 What Would You Do: Reaction to Vandalism by Race/Ethnicity and Social Class and create a discussion thread. In this thread, identify and explain 1 (one) particular social problem you noticed in the story. Create a title that reflects the social problem. Then in a paragraph, describe what you think the source (or the cause) of the problem is. Explain, and provide concrete supporting evidence. In your analysis, apply and define 3 working concepts (such as de jure segregation, prejudice, etc.).

React to a post by a fellow student examining the ideological standpoint implied in the post. In your Reply to a fellow student’s post, make sure to identify the underlying ideological standpoint implied in the response and then take a different ideological stance. For example, an anarchist might celebrate the vandalism depicted in the videos as necessary violent acts to create a free and equal society. You might reply to the anarachist’s response from a conservative point of view, and make a case for the importance of stability. Make sure to change the title of your response to reflect the specific underlying ideology of both the original post and your response (Ex: Conservative despises Anarchist’s violent disruptions). While you are allowed to add a second or third Reaction/Reply to a post, you must not repeat an ideology already used; each Reaction/Reply must be of different ideological stance.


This assignment will enable you to understand the subjective and objective dimensions of particular social problems, more specifically how people construct social problems by virtue of their (mis)perceptions and behaviors.