questions on stories


Unit 3 Questions

1)“Paul’s Case questions”

What connotation does the word case have in the real sense and how does that relate to the use of that word in the title?

Think about which of the disciplinary perspectives would be appropriate to examine this story from.

What specific reactions do you see Paul exhibit in the story to certain situations that illustrate aspects of his crisis?

Consider how the two settings of the story contribute to the changes in Paul’s life and how they contribute to his psychological state- consider his final decision in life.

How does Paul’s lively imagination contribute to his perspective?

2)“The Things They Carried” background information

Notes to help you with the questions on “The Things They Carried.” Consider the tangible and the emotional as it relates to the story. Consider the burden of self imposed guilt.

There are eleven parts to the story.

The story takes place over April 16 and the morning of the 17th.

1st week of April is when Jimmy gets the pebble from Martha. There are nine soldiers in the story.

Lavender’s death is retold 6 times.

Remember Disciplinary Perspective as this may help you shape an idea you want to explore.

“The Things They Carried” Questions

Consider how each part of the story relates to the title “The Things They Carried” List them. Describe how the structure of the story reveals some of the crises.

Trace the story of Martha in the story and describe the reality of the relationship between

Jimmy and Martha. What does this reveal about Jimmy?

Describe what the items each carries reveals about that individual. What is the purpose of retelling Lavender’s death so many times.

3)Pick the most interesting element you identify from the texts from Unit 3 in terms ofthe Perspective you take and how that relates to Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, Crisis Impaired, and Socio Economic or another aspect you have identified and post your comments about that aspect of the stories.