qualitative and quantitative, psychology assignment help

In this course, I became more aware of the difference between qualitative and quantitative. For instance, before this course, I knew phenomenology was qualitative and hypothesis testing was quantitative. I did not know, however that qualitative methods could involve numbers, as I thought that was only quantitative.

I plan to use a qualitative methodology. The main hurdle I have with my dissertation topic is formulating it with the gap in mind. I know what I want to do, but it is about finding the gap in the literature. I have read many articles, but no gap is sticking out at me that seems plausible. One other issue I am having is that I would like participants to be able to complete an online survey, however, I am also interested in the technique where participant’s answers to questions guide further questions. That issue is one that will be resolved as I learn more and dive farther into the process. I first learned on the DC network that I would need to find a content expert. I saw many posts looking for a content expert. The way this information influences my research plans is that I will have to find a content expert to aide in my research. At this point my research moving forward involves reading the many articles I have already found and see where they take me. Please provide a 150-250 word response to the above, no references are needed.