public health homework

Activity 1 – What is Public Health?


This activity is to highlight the various public health activities you do on a daily basis without even realizing it.  You are to chronicle what you do that day and then for every activity state how it is related or directly influenced by public health.  Please feel free to include any pictures to illustrate your point with a minimum of 7 activities with explanations.


Ex.  Got up and brushed my teeth

The relation to public health is the importance of good oral health, the importance of fluoride in your water system to help combat cavities


Ex. Washed hands

The relation to public health is that hand washing is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to stay healthy and stop the spread of disease


Activity 2 – Health behavior models and public health campaigns


The majority of public health campaigns are based in health behavior theories (even if they don’t empathically state this).   Your assignment is to find a public health campaign that you are interested in learning more about and figure out how the campaign is using parts or all of a specific health behavior model.  Please state the campaign, the health behavior theory and how it is being utilized.


Ex. The One Less campaign regarding the HPV vaccination.  The campaign uses components of the Transtheoretical Model of Change and the Socio-Ecological Model to get the point across about the importance of this vaccination


Activity 3 – Health Law, Policy


Please find a Health Law or a Health Policy and highlight:

·         Describe the law or policy

·         Why was it created?

·         What does it entail?

·         Pros/cons?


·         How is it enforced?