Psychology:Personality Development, psychology homework help

Can you answer the following questions but it has to come from the textbook: Personaility: Classic Theories and Modern Research Edition: 5th (2012) Author: Howard S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustack Publisher: Pearson Book ISBN: 9780205050178 Ebook ISBN: 9781269309431


Select one of the eight perspectives/approaches to personality development that you find to be in alignment with your own thoughts and opinions.

a. Explain the basics of this perspective/approach. b. Explain why you selected this perspective/approach.

Personal Application

a. Explain how personality theories are relevant your own personal and professional goals.

b. Describe how your own personal ideas might impact the research that you may conduct.

c. Identify challenges you may face when doing research regarding Personality Development. Explain how you would address these challenges to minimize bias