Position Paper

Using the two articles on Guns on Campus (from assignment #2) and others that you identify to use, please write a position paper. You will be taking a position on the issue of guns on campus, the right to carry a legal concealed gun. You must use additional sources to support your declared position. Remember to cite any work you use in your reference section properly. A good source of additional information may be found at NCSL: http://www.ncsl.org/research/education/guns-on-cam… and http://www.ncsl.org/research/education/guns-on-campus-overview/elqtrackid/b65b90ed202f44b28a4b1c1d63c3b797/elq/53208e26a02242f2893de140932be3f2/elqaid/12301/elqat/1/elqcampaignid/4996.aspx#1

Ø Article (1): Author, Lisa A. LaPoint, “The Up and Down Battle for Concealed Carry at Public Universities” in Colorado State University Journal of Student Affairs. Volume 19, 2009-2010; Pages 16-21.

Ø Article (2): Author: Robert Birnbaum. “Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight” in Change. Sept/Oct 2013, Volume 45 Issue 5: Pages 6-14.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you demonstrate applied learning specific to the discipline of political science. It will demonstrate your ability to read and understand the literature, identify and integrate ideas, understand applications, analyze problems, demonstrate knowledge and intellectual comprehension and build your skills communicating clearly.