Based on the Edwards (2011) reading on the Electoral College, select one of the following positions to advocate: 1.( Electoral College as it is now or Automatic Plan) 2. District Plan/Proportional Plan 3. National Bonus Plan 4. National Popular Vote Plan 5. Direct Election For your selected proposal (Electoral College as it is now or Automatic Plan) you should prepare a written set of arguments that explain:  How would the proposal elect the president?  What are the benefits of the selected proposals? What problems would it solve (or prevent)?  How would the proposal likely affect campaigning, fundraising, and media coverage?  What are the problems with this proposal, including what challenges there would be in implementing the proposal?  What are problems with the alternative proposals? Why is your selected proposal better than the others are? How would you challenge the arguable benefits of the competing proposals? Your individual notes may focus more on one of these points than the others may, but should have some answer to all of the above questions. As you prepare for the debate as a team, delegate tasks in order to have each member prepared to lead the debate on that question. You are welcome to share information used within your team and across teams. Your submitted notes, however, should be written ONLY by you, in your own words, and should not use the exact language of other classmates. You will receive no more than half credit for the assignment as a whole if you have substantial overlap between your submission and that of another student, or if you plagiarize any content from a source. Make sure you cite all sources used in APA format, with a reference page of all sources cited. The notes do not have to be written in paragraph form. You can use bullet points, an outline, or other formatting that is more useful for you in the debate. However you decide to format it, the notes should express clear, complete thoughts that the reader could decipher without seeing the debate.