poor economic conditions in Gaza Strip and West Bank, history homework help

-Issue, Roots, and Argument (120 pts): These 3 make up the paper’s body. The paper’s introductory paragraph identifies the contemporary issue, outlines the historical roots, and articulates the argument the paper makes about those roots in a succinct thesis statement. The rest of the paper then integrates the evidence from the sources to incorporate diverse perspectives in support of that argument. The concluding paragraph summarizes the preceding argument. This body of the paper must be at least 5 but no more than 7 pages.

Annotated References (45 pts)—This is a separate section of the paper with the Chicago style citations for sources. Cited here are the minimum of SEVEN reliable sources among which at least two are scholarly journal articles, at least two are secondary source books, and at least two are primary sources. ANNOTATION follows EACH citation to identify source type and how type determined and explain source’s value in paper.

Citation Style (10 pts) —The paper cites as endnotes in the body and includes Endnotes and the References sections in Chicago Notes and Bibliography style. Each source included in the Endnotes appears in References.

Standard Academic Conventions (15 pts)—Introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs present argument and evidence (properly cited), and conclusion summarizes argument. Paragraphs written in complete sentences with no colloquialisms or contractions, no first person (“I” or “we”) or second person (“you”), correct grammar and spelling, and superscripted Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3) for endnotes.

-Paper Format (10 pts): See page 2 of the Research Paper Description File.