Political Science, sociology homework help

Select 5 of the following 10 questions and answer each in three to five sentences.

Note: Please restate each question before answering.

  1. Define judicial review. Briefly explain who holds this power and how this power was established. What was Chief Justice Marshall’s argument in favor of this doctrine?
  2. Explain what the term divided government means. Include an example of its impact on U.S. government.
  3. In American Federalism, describe the two political positions or opinions known as centralist and decentralist. Then, illustrate your answer by giving one political argument and example that supports each of these concepts.
  4. Define the differences between the two major philosophies of judicial restraint and judicial activism. Give an example of each.
  5. List the four values of democracy described in your textbook. Select two, and explain how each is demonstrated in some aspect of U.S. government structure or the Constitution itself. Give examples of each.
  6. Explain the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances. Provide an example of each concept that illustrates how it provides for an accountable federal government.
  7. Briefly describe the three levels of the federal judicial system, and explain what each level consists of.
  8. In your own words, list three enumerated powers of the executive branch as well as three enumerated powers given to the legislative branch.
  9. Explain the purpose of the federal administrative system, and give two examples of departments or agencies that are a part of this vast system. Finally, provide an example of how this system is monitored.
  10. Explain how winner-take-all and proportional representation systems work, and evaluate their significance for party systems.