Poetry questions

Complete 1:

Assignment #3 – Poetry Vocabulary

Instructions: using your textbook and online sources, write a 1-2 sentence definition of each of the following vocabulary words: imagery, metaphor, simile, voice, tone, assonance, alliteration, rhyme, sonnet, narrative, lyric, ballad, elegy, dramatic monologue Using complete sentence write a 1-2 sentence definition of the vocabulary words listed above. Feel free to demonstrate your understanding of these key words by incorporating examples.

Complete 2:

Differentiate between the following types of poetry: Epic, narrative, ballad, haiku, prose poem, elegy, ode, dramatic monologue Define each of the types of poetry listed above. Provide at least one example(you may list a poem title) of each type of poetry and what makes it that style.

Complete 3:

Using the textbook, the internet (including the links provided) find a poem that is interesting to you and/or inspires you. Write at least 3 paragraphs that discusses the following: what type of poem is this? Why does this poem inspire you? What does this poem mean to you? Be specific in identifying why this poem interests you. What emotions and memories do the poems illicit? Find and label at least three poetic devices used in this poem using the vocabulary that you defined in “Complete 1”.