Philosophy: Relativism, Protagora’s relativism and Socrates’s dialectic, Plato’s cardinal virtues,

IN 150 WORDS Discuss your understanding of relativism. Do you agree that truth is relative? All truth? Even the statement that “all truth is relative”? (see how this works!)

IN 150 WORDS Discuss the differences between Protagoras’s relativism and Socrates’s dialectic method in terms of what is assumed about the nature of Truth. Each philosopher has his own conception of what is truth, and that conception drives his methodology.

IN 150 WORDS Discuss how Plato’s four cardinal virtues might help make our society better if practiced by all members.

IN 150 WORDS Discuss what the Stoics believed about events in our lives. Are they under our control or not? How should we approach things that frustrate us? Give an example of an area in your life where you might apply the Stoics’ philosophy