“Philosophers Debate Politics” , history homework help

“Philosophers Debate Politics” Please write ONE paragraph per part with a minimum of 125 words for each part of the discussion by responding to the following, using your textbook (or eChapters in the Student Center) and the sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response. The goal of this discussion is to demonstrate that you have read the material and understand the topic:

There are THREE parts to Discussion Option B.The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke disagreed on the understanding of political authority, with Locke taking what is commonly called the “liberal” view.

EXPLAIN: 1) From the reading of the textbook (or eChapters in the Student Center) choose Hobbes side or Locke’s side (be brave perhaps; take a side you actually disagree with) and write one paragraph of 125 words that identify the points (reasons) of political authority (view) by the chosen philosopher.

DISCUSS: 2) Using the writings of each given in our class text or at the Websites below, write one paragraph of 125 words and give two reasons why you chose one side over the other side. (Compare and Contrast)

GIVE EXAMPLE: 3) Do a Google search of “philosophers” and give an example of one (1) modern philosophers who has a similar situation in the world where the modern philosopher agrees with either Hobbs or Locke. (Do these philosophies apply to todays modern politics?)