Perception, English homework help

1. Observe one event. These events can be just about anything that happens in your familiar world. You then need to look at them as if you had no preconceptions about what they actually mean. If you wish, think of yourself as a person from another planet, time or dimension.

2. For each event write a detailed description that is as free as possible from interpretation or evaluation.

3. For each description, make three interpretations (these do not need to be ”correct” just possible / plausible given the description you already have.)

4. For each interpretation, make two evaluations, one positive and one negative (again this must be done within the context of the given interpretation – don’t change it to make the positives and negatives fit into your given belief system). Remember, the evaluation is based solely on the interpretation you have made. It cannot include an if / then caveat. Example : If you have interpreted something as a religious event: what is good about this religious event (religious brings comfort to the people), what is bad about this religious event (dwelling on intangibles such as ”God” are a waste of time – we should be concerned about the here and now!)