Oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, English writing Assignment help

Complete this exercise in preparation for choosing a topic about which to write.

  1. Find an article (opinion, commentary) that discusses an issue that resonates with you. The article should be on topic that is debatable, that has more than one side, which is current, has gray areas, provokes a strong emotional reaction or is controversial.
    Note: This issue will become the issue for your final paper, so choose this issue carefully.
  • Provide the full link or citation to your article.
  • Identify the topic in one phrase. It need not be a complete sentence at this point.


  • “Oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.”
  • “The role of the United States in international politics.”
  • “The AIDS epidemic and pharmaceutical companies.”

    Note: The above are listed simply as examples. You are
    strongly encouraged to find an article on a topic of your own choice, since you will be working on it for the duration of the class. Although your topic doesn’t have to be highly controversial, it must be something about which there has been dialogue or even disagreement. Remember, a good thesis causes tension and initiates the back-and-forth of intellectual dialogue.

    • 1. In two paragraphs, summarize the article you read about your topic. Identify in one sentence each: 1. What was the author’s limited subject? 2. What was the author’s thesis?
      1. Write a short, personal reaction to the piece. (2 page) Write from an “experiential*” point-of-view.

          *An experiential approach could be: What in my life so far led me to be interested/made mad/become involved with this issue? You can tell a story (narrative) from your life that illustrates why you became attracted to this issue. Be creative!

    Make sure you do both parts of this assigment and document any sources using MLA. Submit as an uploaded Microsoft Word attachment