new article a bottom-up or top-down process?, psychology homework help

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Original Question:

Is reading a new article a bottom-up or top-down process? Provide opinion and justification for your response.

Original Post:

There has been a funny story that has been told for ages of a person who was caught reading a newspaper while holding it upside down. What is the lesson from this story? It is the same thing that the question seeks to implore by asking whether an individual can read a new article bottom-up or top-down model. It would be important to note that under normal circumstances, an article is usually written in a method in which ideas build upon one another, with the introduction being on top, introducing the main concepts under consideration. The conclusion in the article sums up the main ideas that have been presented and offers insight into areas that perhaps require being prodded further in light of the information that has been presented.

The inclination being that reading an article top-down would help an individual to interact with the author in a chronological and systematic manner, through a journey of ideas and information that has been arranged logically (Li & Durbin, 2009). Through this model, the ideas build on one another, and the result is always a reference to the information that has been revealed. It, therefore, implies that to enhance understanding, the reading of a new article should take place through a top-down model. It beats logic why an individual would have an enhanced understanding when starting from the conclusion to the introduction.

Conclusively, there is a reason on why the society views the reading of bottom-up as being unconventional. Therefore, it is only logical that the tested and proved method of reading top-down should be utilized.


Li, H., & Durbin, R. (2009). Fast and accurate short read alignment with Burrows–Wheeler transform. Bioinformatics, 25(14), 1754-1760.

Classmate Response:

There are many times when I am reading a research article and I will actually start with the methods or results section, sometimes even the discussion section. I will not read the article in order, but first examine it to see whether I think it would be beneficial to me or not. If I am going through and reading an article out of order like this, am I using a top-down or bottom-up process?

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