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Observational Learning and Social Psychology. As discussed in your text, television is a powerful source of observational learning, especially for children and adolescents. For this assignment, select and view a TV show that is specifically targeted to toddlers (2-5 year olds); school-aged children (6-12 year olds); or adolescents (13-21 year olds). After watching about 20 to 30 minutes of the show, address the following questions.

What age group does the program target?
Briefly describe the main character(s)—such as, their age, gender, personality traits. Are they attractive models?
What message or lesson might a child or adolescent get from watching this show?
Relate that message or lesson to one concept from social psychology (e.g., obedience to authority; conformity; persuasion; stereotypes…). See chapter 11 of your text.
Your response should be about 2-2.5 pages, double-spaced.