nature and nurture,required texbook ;developing person; through life span ninth edition

  1. Research project: theorize, gather data, analyze data, read and summarize 2 related articles and material in textbook related to the project, write a report in APA format.
    1. Part 1 will be a research proposal
      1. Begin with your name and title of the project
      2. Explain the question you want to answer with your project and why this is an important issue.
      3. Briefly summarize what your psychology text says about the subject (do NOT make the mistake of copying from the text).
      4. Briefly summarize at least one psychology journal article you have read that is related to your project (do NOT make the mistake of copying from their website, etc.)
      5. Explain the research method you will use to do your research.
      6. List the five questions you will ask to answer your research question and state your hypothesis; how you expect your participants to respond to your research questions.
      7. Where will you find your research participants and what will you say to them to fulfill the ethical requirements for doing psychology research.

Part 2 will include analysis and presentation of data and discussion of the implications of your findings, the shortcomings of your study, and what research needs to be done next to further answer your research question.

NOTE:Mini research project in week 1 will help you brainstorm your research. (50 points)

Research workbook in week 2 will prepare you for this research project (50 points)