Multimedia Presintation

I need a multimedia slide show created out of my essay here it explains a little of what that is. attached is my essay and a rubric to go by.

    A multimedia presentation Opens in modal popup window uses words and images together to share ideas. Information is more memorable when the presentation appeals to more than one sense.

    presentation will be 4–5 slides long, using only a small percentage of text from your essay.

    • Text slides should have no more than five lines of text.
    • Keep your language short—six words per line.
    • If an image can do the job, a slide doesn’t have to have text.

    Your slide show will contain only a fraction of the text your essay has. You will need to boil down your essay to extract the most important ideas for your slides.

    • Choose a simple, readable font and use large type.
    • Use contrasting background and text colors: Light background with dark text is best, but avoid plain black text on white.
    • Use bullets.
    • Boldface titles.
    • Use a header if it gives important information. Headers may be catchy or simple and informative.