Military History


  1. What was the effect, if any, of rifling technology on warfare during the period 1650-1865.
  2. Were American Army Officers more professional in 1865 than they were in 1650?
  3. What were the US national objectives in the War with Mexico (1846-1848)

LONG ESSAY (2 pages)

An argument can be made that American warfare during the period 1650-1865 witnessed a linear progression from “limited war” toward “total war”. Support or refute this argument, using at least three specific wars/conflicts as example.

  • You will be graded on the quality of your critical thought and analysis.
  • The longer essay should have more analysis and content than the short ones.
  • You may use the text, notes or any other resource to assist you in answering the questions. You should always support your answers through specific historical examples, but you are not required to cite sources.