MG George B. McClellan- Battle of Antietam, history homework help

Attached is an outline.It needs to have why McClellan made the decisions he made. Was it because of his childhood, personality etc?

Powerpoint on MG George B. McClellan at Battle of Antietam

At a minimum must answer the following. Please provide Maps and photos

1. Biographical Sketches: Leadership style, what helped shape and develop your assigned leader’s leadership style and how if affected his decision making abilities? For example: personality, education, family history, etc….

2. Assigned Unit: Know the unit’s mission, capabilities, composition of the command, task organization, unit strength, experience, and training proficiency levels.

3. Impact of Terrain, Weather, and Logistics: How did terrain, weather, and logistics factor into your leader’s decisions and how did impact the units’ ability to fight? Additionally, how did strategic factors, operational settings, and tactical situation impact the unit and your leader’s decisions?

4. Decision(s): What key decisions did your assigned leader make and how it impact the outcome of the battle (tactically, operationally, and/or strategically)?

Briefing format: Information Brief using Maps and Photos.