Key points , English homework help

Picture of PIE attached if needed

Choose one of these points you want to strengthen using the research you’ve already conducted. Paper is attached with keypoints highlighted.

2. In 1-2 sentences, clearly state what the point is that you are trying to make in this particular section of your project.

3. What information from the source you selected in step 1 supports this point? You may quote or summarize that source below.

4. Explain how the information provided in question three supports your point. How does this information also support the overall argument in your essay?

Source- it does not matter which source you choose

McMahon, W.W. (2009). Higher learning, greater good: The private and social benefits of higher education. Baltimore:Johns Hopkins University Press.


Hansen, K. (2003). A College Education Is a Necessity in Today’s World. In W. Dudley (Ed.), Teen Decisions. Education and College. San Diego: Greenhaven Press.