• Use the following link to understand personality types Personality Type Explained
  • Use the following link Jung Typology Test™ complete the questions click “Score It” you will be given your 4 letter personality type and the breakdown of each under “How Do You Want To Leverage Your Type” click on each of the 4 boxes to research more about your personality type
  • Why is know your and potential employees and co-workers personality types important? (1-page)
  • Bring a copy of your results (electronic or paper) with you to class. You will submit the assignment via the drop box on Ulearn
  • Type Description
  • Career Choices
  • Communication Skills
  • Famous

3. Summarize your findings. (1- page)

  • What is your personality type (the four letter code)?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the results (why)?
  • What career is your personality suited to?
  • Summarize you communication style according to the test (do you agree or disagree and why)
  • What famous people have the same personality as you?