It’s basically a disscussion that need to answer the question about an article

The article by Wamboye, Adekola and Sergi, among other things, aims to evaluate the extent to which U.S. institutions of higher learning are internationalized and the perceived international awareness, competency, and expertise of U.S. students. For this question, and based on your reading of the article, I would like you all to comment on ways that U.S. higher education institutions could raise domestic student awareness and involvement in study abroad programs. Which strategies do you think might work best for the population of students attending UNA? How might your choice of strategies differ if you were thinking about another much larger state institution in Alabama? Finally, comment on the degree of importance that you personally attach to internalization of college campuses.

I want the answer to be about 250-350 words and it doesn’t have to be formal like in a APA format or stuff like that. Just a basic response of what you think of this article and make sure to answer EVERY question the professor asked. Please and thank you.