Invention of the camara and its effects on art, history homework help

Please answer the following questions with minimum 2 parragrah. Use in text citations with refetences in proper APA style.

In the 19th century, the camera was a revolutionary invention.

1-Did the invention of the camera change the arts? Why or why not?

2- Is there a relationship between movements such as realism and impressionism and the camera?

3- What differentiates the common snapshot and the photograph as art?

4- Choose realism or impressionism as a basis for your posts and discuss how your choice is manifested in any area of the humanities (i.e., painting, sculpture, literature, music, etc.), and give an example from any discipline in the humanities to illustrate how realism or impressionism influenced the work of art. Please be sure to give an analysis of how the work of art was influenced by the movement