International Criminal Court, political science homework help

The paper requirements are as follows:

  • 1500 words, please include a word count of the text of the paper.
  • Works Cited. Do not include the Works Cited in the word count.
  • You can use the citation style you prefer, but you must be consistent throughout the paper.
  • You must use scholarly sources. Do not rely too heavily on one source. Although there is not a minimum amount of sources, you will likely need 2+ sources to sufficiently support your thesis statement.
  • The research paper is worth 100 points.

In your paper you should use at least one of the systems (International level, State level, Individual level) to analyze your chosen international phenomenon. The research paper should have a succinct introduction related to your topic, a clearly defined thesis indicating the lens you will be using for your analysis, body paragraphs supporting your thesis and a conclusion.

more details are uploaded below…