Instructions for writing an awesome historic identification, assignment help

Instructions for writing an awesome historic identification (ID)

A “historic ID” is a term used to describe a succinct and accurate summary of an event or person in history. It is usually one paragraph (3-5 sentences) in length. An awesome historic ID is one in which all of the five components of the ID are accurately and completely met. The five basic components to a historic ID (commonly known as the 5 W ‘s) are:

What: define your topic

When: state the time period of your topic

Who: who are the significant people associated with the event (if you are writing about a person, this would be included in the “what”)

Where: explain where the event takes place or in the case of a person where they are from

Why: describe why the event/person are important, make sure to include all relevant information

Example ID: Kansas- Nebraska Act

The Kqnsas-Nebraska Act was a law passed by Congress (who) in 1854 (when). It repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed the issue of slavery to be decided by popular sovereignty in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska (what and where). It is important because it starts a series of’violent conflicts between slavery and pro-slavery groups in Kansas, which contributes to the tensions leading up to the Civil War (why). The Kansas-Nebraska Act is also responsible for indreasing the membership in the newly formed Republican party (why).