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Select a current article from any reputable news source—either on-line or hard copy—that relates to material we have covered in class or in the text. The news source should be appropriate for an academic assignment (such as The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The New York Times, or transcripts from an National Public Radio news story) and the article should be recent (within the last two years). Once you have selected and read the article, please address the following:

Briefly summarize the article; (5 points)
Identify the main issue; (5 points)
Explain how the issue relates to a concept, theory, or research we have discussed in class (be specific here); (10 points) and
Reach a conclusion; do you agree with the author’s point of view or his/her description of the issue based on your knowledge of psychology? (5 points)
Examples of recent, relevant articles (from The Washington Post):

The use of multiple choice tests
Eyewitnesses recanting their testimony
New research on the brain
Autism research

the book we use is Zimbardo, P.G., Johnson, R.L., & McCann, V. (2012). Psychology: Core concepts (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.