how to write a explanatory synthesis, English homework help

Using the framework of your major discipline, write an explanatory synthesis about a past event considered very important to understand within the history of your field (perhaps its founding, perhaps its application on an important occasion, perhaps in helping to solve a problem
that concerns all of us). Your audience would be an academic journal’s future anniversary issue
which collects several different articles about that event. You will be required to use at least 4 sources for your piece. The editorial staff of the journal recommends you consult Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Ch. 4 for potential ways to
structure the article, especially p. 101’s “Guidelines For Writing Syntheses” and p. 115116’s
“Organize a Synthesis by Idea, Not by Source.”

Word count: 1,500 words Number of sources required: four Citation Style: MLA 2016 (two-letter grade penalty for making no attempt to use this, 1 ½ penalty for not making a serious attempt)